Swimming Pool Cleaners

Suction Cleaners

The most popular and cost-effective automatic pool cleaners are suction cleaners. These units are pretty easy to use and can be attached to your existing pool skimmer. Operating only when your pool pump is running, a suction cleaner picks up dirt and debris and deposits them in your pool’s filter system.

Featured models:

  • Kreepy Krauly


Pressure Cleaners

Working on the other end of your pool’s filter system, a pressure cleaner attaches to a return outlet or booster pump. Any dirt and debris collected with this type of cleaner is routed to the debris bag attached directly to the cleaner.

Featured models:

  • Polaris 280
  • Polaris 3900


Robotic Cleaners

A more high-end and highly effective method of cleaning your pool would i

nvolve a robotic cleaner. These electronic units use a 110-volt electrical supply while they navigate your pool’s surfaces. A fine mesh bag is used as a secondary filter to collect dirt and debris. These cleaners also have the ability to maneuver forward and backward as they encounter obstacles.

Featured models:

  • Nitro Smart Clean
  • Dolphin DX3, DX4, and DX6
  • Dolphin S200, S300, and S300i